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Willow 19/10/15

Willow has fished well this week. Lee had seven out in a two night session-biggest a common of 28lb 8oz, with a 25lb 8oz linear, a 22lb mirror, a 21lb common, 19lb mirror, 23lb common and a teeny one. Vic had four out – all twenties as far as I recall. Steve had two twenties both commons and Colin also had at least one twenty and Charlie had two twenties.

Willow 8/10/15

Willow has fished well this week. Tony had a 28lb common as well as two other twenties, with a 9lb eel and a 9lb tench thrown in for luck! Meanwhile Glen and Gary were also catching. Glen had seven – a 36lb 4oz cat, 27lb 10oz common, 21lb common, 20lb 8oz linear, 18lb 8oz leather, 19lb 12oz leather as well as a smaller double. Gary had a 20lb 8oz common, 18lb 4oz ghostie. 22lb 6oz mirror, 22lb 4oz mirror, 30lb 6oz common, 20lb common, 18lb 8oz mirror,  25lb 2oz common, 25lb 4oz common, 19lb 12oz common, 17lb mirror, 24lb 4oz common and  two smaller doubles. Gary also disclosed that he had landed an unweighed cat twice the size of Glen’s 36 pounder but as it had hooks in its mouth and line around it he was naturally concerned to remove these and get it back into the lake as quickly as possible.