2017 / 2018

Care of the fish must take priority.
You must have fish antiseptic where you can find it easily, to treat damaged fish when fishing our lakes.
You must have a large well-padded, good quality unhooking mat / cradle  and a large landing net.

4 rods maximum Virginia only
3 rods maximum Willow/Coot


  1. 15lb maximum mainline (only mono)
  2. No braid mainline and no leadcore
  3. Either micro-barb or whisker barb or barbless hooks
  4. No bent hooks
  5. Sliding helicopter rigs are acceptable and sink tube and weights must release
  6. Particles can be used except for maize, peanuts, tigernuts, trout and halibut pellets
  7. When fishing near snags, always check that your fishing area is clear before putting bait out
  8. DO NOT leave your rods unattended when fishing
  9. Fish must not be sacked. They should be weighed carefully, photographed, and returned to the water as soon as possible
  10. Bait boats are NOT ALLOWED on Coot Lake or Willow Walk Lake
  11. It has come to our attention that a new method of holding Carp for photographic purposes is trending in many European and British waters where the fish is suspended by just one of the pectoral fins on the side facing the angler in an effort to hide the anglers hand at the front of the fish.Under NO Circumstances do we condone this method in any way shape or form and have banned it from being used on ECL waters forthwith.
    We have received reports of fish damage and mortality from other fishery owners who also have now banned this practice.
    Suspending the fish in this way is likely to snap or dislocate the pectoral fin and the undue pressure placed on the underside of the fish risks internal organ damage resulting in serious health issues and/or the death of the fish.

    When fish are held for photographic purposes the fish MUST be supported correctly with both hands and the hand at the front of the fish should support the weight of the fish by being placed just to the rear of the pectoral fins and extended to cover the full width of the fish, also care should be taken to avoid any fingers of this hand entering the gill cover(s) as this will damage the gills resulting in the fish slowly suffocating after it is released.
    All photographs MUST be taken with the fish held low over an un-hooking mat / cradle or with the angler in sufficient depth of water for the fish to be safe should it be dropped.

    There are no exceptions to this rule and any angler found to be using the pectoral fin suspension method on ECL waters will be severely dealt with.


  1. Pike fishing is allowed between October 1st and March 31st
  2. Only use semi-barbless trebles and soft wire traces
  3. Only use frozen sea baits


  1. Use minimum 25lb reel line
  2. You can use up to two reel lines of braid but 60cm of protective rubber or plastic tubing must be used on a cat set-up to avoid the braid cutting into the side or the fins of the cats
  3. Only use specialist catfish hooks of at least 02 size
  4. Live baiting is permitted but only use silverfish from the lake you are fishing on our site
  5. Always use abrasive resistant hook lengths such as Catfish Pro, Korda Armakord, Quicksilver, or Ton Up


All members have an individual 12 months ticket. We do not have syndicates on this fishery.

  1. All fishing gear must be dipped on arriving to fish and before leaving the site at the end of the session. Please wash and dry tackle when you get it home
  2. No litter should ever be left on site. This includes teabags and cigarette ends. Please take it home with you
  3. We will allow you to bring your dog with you, but it must not be a nuisance to other members. It must not be allowed to roam freely and any dog mess must be cleared up
  4. Arrival and departure from the fishery should be during hours of daylight. Obviously there will be circumstances when this cannot be the case. In such instances please inform us
  5. You must only use a rowing boat during hours of day light and a lifejacket must be worn. The boat must be returned to where it came from and turned upside down to prevent it from filling with rain water
  6. Avoid bringing glass onto the fishery and excessive amounts of alcohol are NOT to be consumed
  7. Only non-fishing wives and partners are allowed as non-paying guests. For fishing guests two days’ notice must be given and a day’s notice if you wish to cancel. This avoids time-consuming searches for us. You may forfeit the right to book in guests in the future if you do not follow this procedure
  8. Everyone comes on site at their own risk. Members and guests must not fish under trees in strong winds