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Pingree’s Catch Archive – 2014

8/3/14 Gary Edwards had a shiny black 15lb mirror.

30/3/14 Dave Allen had a 22lb carp.

4/4/14 Dan Peacock had two typically dark shiny carp but don’t know the weights. Just found out Dan had a stunning 28lb 2oz mirror

12/4/14 Dan P fished here again and had two mirrors- 21lb 3oz and 23lb 5oz

25/4/14 Dan P has been targetting Pingree’s and was rewarded with a stunning 31lb 8oz common, which we think is the first thirty out of this somewhat forgotten lake. Paul Sellens also had a 22lb common.

3/5/14 Dan Peacock had at least another 20lb common.

7/9/14 We just arrived in time to take a picture of an absolutely stunning 24lb common-shiny and black. If Carp Talk had a Page 3 then this fish would be on it !!

29/9/14 Harry B had a 28lb mirror and Gavin a 23lb mirror. I think Gavin also previously had a 29lb.

Pingree’s Catch Archive – 2013

There has been some nice early season carp out of Pingree’s. Lewis and jason have had carp up to mid twenties.

15/6/13 Pingree’s is producing the odd good carp with Dave having a couple of nice twenties but it needs more attention from our anglers if it is to produce its true potential.

20/7/13 Dave Allen fished Pingree’s which I have to say is very lightly fished and was rewarded with a 23lb and an 18 lb.

30/11/13 I hear Dave Allen had a couple of twenties I think.