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Recent catches 13/5/15

Chris has been catching on Willow with ten so far up to top twenties. Calum also had a good session on Willow with nine carp, six of which were twenties up to over 28lb( pictures to follow on FB) Aron had the big mirror at around 34lb which is down quite a bit and there have been other odd ones out.

Harry, fishing Virginia also had several carp up to 32lb +, a common and of course Lee who had a PB common of 34lb 12oz. Jeff had two or three and Barry has just reported another 28.8 common. Other than that some good doubles have been coming out.

Ben has had some nice ones out of Pingree’s including the common at 32lb 4oz and Coot Lake has given some good sport with lots of doubles out. Pat’s Pool is also worth a dabble. Vic had a 15lb out in the week.

We are encouraging members to be vigilant on the otter situation as a few fish appear to have tail damage or scrapes on them. We hope it is not the dreaded otters but have to be realistic about the prospect.


After a quiet weekend things started to pick up on Monday. Lee had four out of Willowwith hopefully more to come tonight- Two-tone common at 27lb 3oz, mirror of 24lb 7oz, 23lb linear and a double. Jeff, on Virginia had two mirrors of 24lb and 21lb.

Darren, fishing Coot overnight, had eleven carp-biggest a common of 19lb and the rest between 11lb and 15lb

Catches 31/1/16 – 6/2/16 Some good carp out!

Coot Lake:

Jeff had a storming session with NINE twenties overnight. The biggest was a 28lb 6oz mirror. Jeff also had a mirror of 25lb 4oz and a common of 24lb as well as six carp between 20lb and 21lb. The following weekend Jeff had six comprising a common of 24lb 12oz, two carp between 20lb and 21lb and three doubles. Coot Lake can really provide some great winter sport.

Virginia Lake:

Matt Richardson had three carp overnight on 5th Feb. The jewel in the crown was a mirror of 37lb 8oz which can be seen on our FB page.

Willow Walk Lake

Ben added another thirty to his ever-growing list with a mirror of 31lb 2oz

10/1/16 and Happy New Year to Everyone

The unseasonal weather has meant that more people have ventured out to fish and the fish have been generally more active than usual for this time of year. Coot Lake has given people a bit of sport, Ben had a 20lb long common amonst others and Virginia produced some carp this weekend including, I hear, a 32lb carp. Didn’t hear of any catches from Willow but some pike have been caught. Charlie has had a few to 15lb and also Mark and Simon had pike of similar weight 16lb 7oz being the biggest.

Thirties are like buses 29/12/15

Thirties are like buses or so it seems for Ben, who having waited all year for his first Willow thirty, banked three within eight days.  The last one was the big fully-scaled at 30lb 8oz, the other two a common and another mirror. Ben also had a mirror of 24lb 8oz and reported that the fish were still very active.  Meanwhile on Pingree’s Mark had a big common of 31lb 1oz and a mirror of 25lb 5oz.