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Coot Lake 15/8/15

John(who is already back for more) had twenty nine carp in his session-biggest a common of 18lb 7oz. Wayne also stayed for a long weekend and had a similar number up to low twenties. John has already had a nice 22lb 8oz common as well as several others.


22/6/15 Coot was fizzing!

Coot Lake went mad this weekend with multiple catches in short periods of time. Tony and Nathan boiled their kettle dry four times in an attempt to make a cup of tea but were too busy reeling in carp, mostly low doubles. They gave up after a few hours and moved onto Virginia. Gavin had eight in a few hours up to about 18lb according to John and Ivan had had four commons to over 20lb in a couple of hours and was still going. Tony, incidentally, targetted the bream earlier and had well over 100lb to around 9lb. Tony is on Virginia now after the tench but has had loads of awesome rudd – he’s looking exhausted!


Coot Lake continues to provide some good sport. John had six and Terry along with his guest had a good number out in a relatively short session. The carp being caught are mainly doubles but give a good fight apparently.